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questions an anthropologist would ask about marriage

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April 9, 2018

questions an anthropologist would ask about marriage

Polygamy is like highlighting these problems, perhaps provoking people enough to actually fix them, and that would also greatly benefit monogamous relationships. Now, generally speaking, men are FAR more visually stimulated than women, who are more interested in providers. In my eyes, it's a goddesses' world! Some are even polyamorous, like me, and believe that everyone, regardless of gender, should be able to have relationships with more than one person at the same time. Maybe there could be some fee per person involved in a specific marital structure? My conspiration theory: I think monogamy has a benign origin, by some laymen wanting what crazy, celibate asketics had, but only half assed, and misunderstood; monogamy. Why do they need to get married? That interest? Sociology is the study of human behavior and human society. Amazon’s ad is subtle. How do people adapt to different environments? I agree they have a right to, but I want my burger to be lunch, not an effing political stance. When looked at cross-culturally and historically, the neolocal nuclear family seems to be something that arose in a historically particular time and place rather than a natural or universal kinship and marriage convention. Do you think they really are, or are just playing on the net? As John Borneman and Laurie Kain Hart wrote in the Washington Post in 2004. One big and controversial question: Is Marriage Natural? The ONLY reason a celebrity or brand taking a stand has "more impact" is because foolish people en mass decide that it does. Aforementioned economic benefits! Probably no worse than the sort of nonsense that *already* happens around marriage, but it does add to the number of people made unhappy in a relationship. Procreation is not the "sole purpose" as Samantha P. says above, nor is it JUST about property, as Fly on the wall implies. Certainly not that it is an institution that furthers procreation.... Now, what happens to your argument about the institution of  marriage as a tool towards procreation? lasted for about 20 years in San Francisco. But the present debate is about laws, laws that govern rights which are at their heart economic, or/and which define the civil rights we have as citizens. The word 'conservative' gets used very differently. I'm going to take a middle road between the two comments above and note that yes, we do not focus on procreation nearly as much as we once did. Me! :-) The reason I say it's intrusive is that it is always asking for more and more information, sometimes takes it without asking, and keeps resetting the privacy settings so that your page is open until you close it again. I never understood that aspect myself; it's like they want people to believe that heteros will only marry if gays can't, and if gays can marry, heteros will stop marrying AND stop reproducing, and we're all doomed. You say, "arranging their own personal life is up to people". I also have an idea why polygyny and polygamy are used interchangeably. Ifi Amadiume's book "Male Daughters, Female Husbands: Gender and Sex in an African Society" is about the Igbo of Nigeria. No, I think, because it is not intrinsically jerky with homophile relationships and marriages. Although marriage's form, duration and meaning vary from time to time and culture to culture, most Americans frown on anything other than familiar monogamy. THE BASICS. MR. COOPER: Your Honor, society's -­ society's interest in responsible procreation isn't just with respect to the procreative capacities of the couple itself. It takes the idea of monogamy, and the way I see it, cheating is actually inherent in monogamy (not in the individual relationship, but in the system at large). We might have to start thinking of the word as a little more inclusive... and that is about it? We have legal contracts for those that want them. Because it's NOT the first time, even in our own history. And I wonder what would be the harm in, if we say that you are right, and the worst case scenario came true: something that was not before correlating to the reference "marriage" was now, suddenly. not if the government doesn't recognize your association-- or else you have to undertake complex alternative arrangements most people need not. Then you're not conservative in my eyes. But many still do, and many of those who do not originally do so will eventually. It wasn't only about property, but that played a large part, hence the contract. In Norway and most other places, "polygamy" is confused with "polygyny". If a married couple incurs a pile of credit card debt during the marriage often the courts will split the debt evenly between the divorcing spouses. Mormons and muslims? With this distinction, I think we will be better equipped to explain what all this is about. So polygamy literally means plural marriage, while polygyny means plural wives. And that gives us something to say about the core claim by counsel for Prop 8. 1970s. David Norris claimed that Ireland’s archaic criminalisation of certain homosexual acts was in violation of Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights. We also believe that “love conquers all” and thus brings a freedom and exogamy to our romantic and marriage choices. But again, people have a responsibility to take care of themselves, to be adults. Myself I am polyamorous, and fight for this). The institution survives despite infidelity, and sex does not by itself create marriage.... What, then, about restriction of the legal bond of marriage to a man and a woman? Maybe even some exponential growth in the fee? As a beginning point, Ifi Amadiune's book "Male Daughters, Female Husbands" for the African practice mentioned by my colleagues in the cited section. A reality of modern relationships is the knowledge that divorce statistics have been steadily escalating in recent years. Or? Oh, you should, if you have the chance, spend some time on social media. And, of course, no homophilia are accepted in most muslim or mormon marriages/polygamies or monogamies :( Two clear indications that these are ultra conservative forces. But let's drop a few names-- even though you say they will not count. If you are going to make a claim about universal human relations-- ask an anthropologist. Basically, the majority is against it. In the case of legal marriage, one of the authorities is the government/state/all citizen, and when you marry like that, you are inviting them into your marriage, to acknowledge and protect it. I think people who are concerned about social issues are usually living in sufficiency and can afford to worry about different things. He should have asked an anthropologist. I think more of it is cowardice than unquenchable desire. And no, I certainly don't think my experiences should be a guidance to people generally, except maybe in what not to do! Nosy bastards. Or just regret having signed it :D. I think it is illegal because polygyny is not gender neutral, and we have evolved past that, and everyone thinks that polyamory/polygamy is either polygyny, just sex with different partners and no real relationship, or that it is just somehow inherently immoral. I also agree that overall, most people will prefer to be themselves, but sex/romance is an area wherein some people will lie relentlessly, and it's hard to verify what they are. To deny marriage to same-sex couples... expresses a rejection of this civil rights tradition and a regression to a politics of exclusion. It is also the case, clearly, that in the modern US, marriage has become as much about pairs of people dedicating themselves to lives together-- out of affection, not just economics. How Many Years of Life Will a Bad Relationship Cost You? In my experience, women have seen more open for this radical notion than men, in general. They are often conservative and are only interested in polygyny, which would be a step backwards in marriage evolution. They're jerks. Oh, that was my point about the men who have expressed interest in multiple wives. So yes, we no longer own women anymore. For Intro-to-Anthropology 2017 we tackled big and controversial questions anthropology has attempted to answer. The point is not whether or not they ARE jerks, but if what they want is intrinsically jerky. This is a possible way to live that there is nothing wrong with, so I do not understand the need to invalidate it by illegalizing polygamy. Kinship is, after all, one of our historic, signature issues. Interesting comments as well. Also, through internet, I have found groups on facebook, for instance, for polyamorous people, and there seem to be enough people. Again, it's that asymmetry that's a problem. That civil contractual relationship has evolved over the history of this country, from inscribing inequality between partners to a contract between equals. I would have liked to have seen some appositive phrases in there of sorts, saying something like "Some people in Africa, such as X, Y and Z, have the practice of..." naming specific tribes/nations/regions whatever. Your DNA is unique, and it makes you a human, not any other animal. Finally, if you watch the Expedia and Amazon ads (both can be viewed from the post), neither officially tells you what to do. So there is an economic and environmental advantage of polyamory here. There must be a name that is common for all instances where people can join together in a union (of a sexual romantic, cohabital, family uniting nature), where one or more authorities acknowledge and protect it. It also makes for a more convincing argument because our brains deal better with exemplars than with abstract situations. In my original post-- linked to above, twice now-- I cite specific cases refuting the universalist claim that marriage "has always been" or began as monogamous. I did enjoy huffinton post's article by Shane Windmeyer on the Chick-fil-A issue, though. While there are certainly many examples of nuclear families all over the world, we tend to see and portray the nuclear family as universal.

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