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alf home and away quotes

And... and they say that I should call a friend. ALF: In feet? Did you hear, Ryan's caravan got trashed by this madman? Top 10 ALF Quotes. Come on, Sue, Don't be shy. [Steven has flashbacks of Barlow giving the same treatment] Come on, you were a big man before! Alf Stewart: One chocolate shake and a Simpson. Dexter: You think you've lost Casey to Ruby, she thinks she's lost Romeo to Ruby.Either one of you is wrong or that's a seriously crowded relationship. Eh? Alf Stewart: What the *hell* have you been up to, the pair of ya? Gordon eve… ", Alf Stewart: [depressed after Ailsa's death] I don't care if the flamin' diner sinks to the bottom of the sea, [trying to put together a chair with a then-alcoholic Irene]. I don't reckon you oughta look a gift horse in the mouth, encyclopedias don't grown on trees, you know... Alf Stewart: [after Damian scores a penalty in training] Well pickle me grandma. Stop! Out! A Complete white elephant! Alf Stewart: [after arguing with Travis who quits and walks out] Yes, You go. Kirsty: Yeah but landing a plane sounds a lot easier to me. - home & stewart.Alf. I've heard Kirsty sing, and no offence, I don't think I need that today. So I can throw darts at it? Greg Marshall: Uh, Maybe you should let him in. See more ideas about alf stewart, home and away, alf. Alf Stewart: Of course he did! Before we go any further. Ailsa's a hundred times better than you'll ever be! John: All you need to know is you don't need to rearrange furniture to bring positive energy into the place.You do it just by being in the room. Alf: You'd better pray there's witnesses round, Pal, or I'm gonna break you in half! I bet he wishes you were dead, because I do! Martin Dibble: [Lance and Martin see Carly walking with Sally and Lynn outside the store] Hey, Lance, check it out! Andrew Foley: I don't think you should have done that, Celia... Noah Lawson: It's Leah. You read about it in the paper every week! eh? [Karen giggles; Stone turns to her] And that's enough out of *you*, You should be in school! Nathan: I've heard about blokes like you... That's how you get your kicks, you old perv! Ya make me *sick*! Leah: Yeah, it is.But do we think she's not? At least I know where I stand. They used to write “flamin’ heck” and some writers still write “flamin’ heck” but I don’t do “flamin’ heck” – it’s “flamin’ hell” if you’re going to say anything like that. Denny: Now all we need is a cheesy sandwich to go with the cheesy line. Bobby: Dad, they're free. Nathan: So why did you tell her I got back earlier? Recreate the look of the ultimate River Boy with the simple design of the Blood and Sand range. Lottie: [to April] And he cancelled our lunch so you must be a very good friend.High maintenance maybe but I'm sure he doesn't mind. Members account. Known for his ocker ways and his classic Aussie sayings, he's one of the most loved characters not just on Home and Away, but on Australian TV. I mean, what in the hell did you think you were doing letting those two imbeciles alone on their own anyway? Alf Stewart: It's a very sad case, Don. OUT! - ALF (voice) Best ALF Quotes. This week in the maggie uk, and renew vows, their robbo learns. Paul: Shut up and keep tacking. Jazz: I've been to a dive or two in my time. You are *not* treating me or my house like garbage *any* longer; Do you understand? [Alf rears back and punches Nathan in the jaw, causing him to fall onto the bonnet of the car]. Alf: Yeah, I know that. Brax: I've been to London.Half the people I met there want to live here. Pippa Fletcher: Andrew, you are blind drunk! Irene Roberts: Yeah, well I'm sorry, but I can't help you. Irene: Well he's gonna have to get himself a crew cut, isn't he? Why would anyone want to steal a crab? Feb 23, 2019 - Explore team_home_and_away's board "Ray Meagher", followed by 1196 people on Pinterest. Rebecca: Yeah, marine biologists record them singing. We rely on donations to fund our work. Jack: [Jack has snuck into Fisher's room at night, thinking he is Angel and is on Don's bed] I thought we'd never get together. Kelly Watson: Travis, you and me were supposed to be at the hospital in half an hour. He's Lance. Alf Stewart: [opens the door to Nathan's car] What's going on here? You're down for three races. Morag: Well, not without careful planning, anyway. Home And Away's Alf Stewart, played by Ray Meagher, has been on the show since 1988. Irene: [after finding out Damian is the cheat and Don suspends him] One Week... You deserve to be *flogged*! Roan is a colour. Adam: G'day, Sam. I just have to settle one thing before you two go off... Alf Stewart: That's for all the pain you caused Roo. In 2015, Home and Away was inducted into the Logie Hall of Fame. [pulls his hand away]. Gypsy: No, totally reformed.What about you, have you given up gossiping? Top 10 Craziest Things Charles Manson Has Ever Said. Sounds like a typo. [turns back to Jack] and please take those sunglasses off when you're talking to me. Donald Fisher: [Calling after Blake following his scuffle with Steven] Blake! Alf: [the boys have brought in the bed] Just go steady with it, Don't fling it around. Hot surfies and shady crims came and went from Summer Bay, but you could always rely on Alf. Everybody, I'd like to introduce Mrs. Amanda Walters. That's a bit ripe! Sally Fletcher: [pets her frog] It's not a reptile, she's an *amphibian*! The blasted hide of 'im! Alf Stewart is a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is good natured rogue. Dexter: Either that or we've slipped into a space/time continuum and we're back in 1893. This came from a stock and station agent in a small Western Queensland town called Dirranbandi. Denny: And here's me thinking death had no advantages. This fella Bill Kean used to say “strike me pink” but in moments of exasperation he’d be sick of pink so he’d say “strike me flamin’ roan” or whatever. Known for his ocker ways and his classic Aussie sayings, he's one of the most loved characters not just on Home and Away, but on Australian TV. Emma Jackson: Well, who cares what you think? You long-haired greenie, left-wing yahoo! Blake, Come back here at once! Alf: That's not my problem, Now get out of here! Home and Away - Best Daytime Soap nomination at the Inside Soap Awards. We don't appreciate your type around here... stealing cars SNATCHIN' HANDBAGS! Frances: [On Donald] He's a humanitarian, isn't he? Lindsay: Interesting fact, just putting it out there:My dad normally gives me some cash before I go shopping. What sorta welcome is this? Alf: That sort of thing shouldn't be allowed! How dare you! Casey Mitchell: [to Joey, After Alf has a go at her for his dog attacking his family earlier] I'd rather watch a test pattern than hire a video from *him*! Alfsters, Appreciation of the legend Alf Stewart. Eh? And believing in a future. Donald Fisher: Yes, he's also trouble. Tug: Listen, pretty boy; I don't know what your problem is but if I were you, I'd go and see someone about it. Alf Stewart: Look at me flamin' trousers, I might as well chuck 'em out! [sees Jett emerge from the crash] What the flamin' hell are *you* doin' here? Dylan Parrish: [as they are about to leave Summer Bay] Mummy, Do they have beaches in England? Rabbit: Um... maybe the employment section instead of Garfield. Greg: I highly doubt I'm going to come across one wearing that. Morag Bellingham: [peeved] Well, with two break-ins in one week, Don't you think it might be an idea to find out who's responsible, don't you reckon? You'd better work on your *material*! Colleen Smart: [about Jesse] Oh, and I wouldn't put it past him to have thrown that Mongolian cocktail as well! Nathan: What are you trying to do to me and my girl? Ailsa Stewart: He's cleaning out the garage- his little "reward" for your conspiracy today! I wasn't born yesterday! Alf must be cooking. Alf: Why is it so difficult for young people to think about the next generation? Vinnie: [to Sally] When was the last time you took any notice of anything I said?This is definitely not the time to be starting. #18 Don: NO! Blake Dean: What do we have to do? How about it? We're destroying it! Looks alright to me; If you don't like it, why don't you go and find yourself another one? Irene Roberts: Right. It was never the naughty f-word. Mrs. Watson: I'm afraid so. Willie: That's the object, ALF. [Greg and Morag rush over]. Lance Smart: I tell you what, If you frizz it up, no-one can tell it's been hacked! Apparently safer ground. Chris: [serving Alf] One steak: Well done, as flamin' ordered. Sarah Thompson: I *cannot* let anyone see me like this! Home and Away (TV Series 1988– ) Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart, Alfred 'Alf' Stewart, Alfred Stewart, Gordon Stewart It'll take you at least six months to get us out! That's what I'm on about, I'll never get that flamin' stain out! Sophie Simpson: [In shock] I can't believe him! Do you have any idea how much you two cost me? Do I make myself quite clear? Marilyn Chambers: [answers the door] Patience is a virtue, you know! Roo: I'm not gonna give you any advice, I would mess that up. Donald: [Discussing Adam and Shane's encyclopedia sales] It's not gonna happen, I flatly refuse. Alf Stewart: He's as crooked as a dog's hind leg! Stop! [grabs him] Who do you think are boy? Celia Stewart: What on Earth's happened? Ailsa Stewart: I think we might arrange a few fireworks! The only reason you called it off is because I wouldn't come across and the only reason I said know is because I thought you were *better* than the others. Zac: This town, was it built on an ancient Indian burial ground or something? Policeman: Are you Mr. & Mrs. Tanner? Elijah: You know, I can't help wondering if God made me drop that ring just to teach me a lesson in humility. We also have a custom editorial division which creates smart, shareable content for brands. Shouldn't you be having your family meeting? View Quote. What's wrong with that? Alf Stewart: I'm the president. Rhys: Er, that's because you're tone deaf as well.Which, come to think of it, is probably where she gets it from. Peter Bedford: If I have any *more* Coffee, I'll start levitating! Home and Away (often abbreviated as H&A) is an Australian television soap opera. Since then, each subsequent episode has aired for a duration of twenty-two minutes and Home and Away has become the second longest-running drama series in Australian television. Alf Stewart: I heard a pretty disturbing rumour, Don! Alf Stewart: That'll do [pushes Stone towards to door]. Nathan: Mate, if you're looking for trouble, you've just found it! Michael Ross: We'll get you cleaned up and stick you in the shower! Ailsa Hogan: [During an Argument] You're a sour old dog with an old bone! Alf Stewart: [Banging on Adam's caravan door] Cameron! ", Brian 'Dodge' Forbes: [as they fight rolling around on the cliff] You feelin' lucky, Stevo? I DID 5 YEARS BECAUSE OF YOU! Angel Parrish: Of course there are, none like this one. Cut that out Immediately! What about Mrs.Smart and Keith? Brax: I let him play this stupid game with Dad and... Jett: Sorry I'm late, the bus service down at Yabbie Creek is absolutely rubbish. Are you okay, love? Don: Oh, look, erm go and find yourself an Ice Cream while I... have a word with Alf. Irene: April, you're already not talking to each other.What is the worst that can happen? Alf Stewart: No we haven't, So if you don't mind... Martin Dibble: G'day, mate. It's the wrong Flamin' flame! Alf: Two points.One, we don't have a license for singing and dancing in this joint.And two, if we did I'd get Barbara Streisland. What are you doing? Alf: Nothing you need to know about, young lady. Jay Everitt: I'll be in the Back office, Raise that roof, team. Agent Hogarth: ALF called again? Alf Stewart: Well... Let me be the first to congratulate you. Nathan: [Nathan sees Luke jogging on the Beach] G'day, Mate. Hannah: Okay, Phoebs, stop comparing yourself to a dog. Frank Morgan: [trying to stall Bedford while Martin is running late] Can I get you any more Coffee, Mr. Bedford? [grabs Don], Donald Fisher: How dare you! Honestly, I have just never seen such a display of... Donald: come on now, Everyone back to their desks! I think a bloke oughta pity him. Marilyn: Oh, well, that sounds really scary!Uh, how about option three:I do nothing except help John stay in Summer Bay? Chris: Yeah and I want Swedish twins to bathe me every morning but we can't always get what we want, can we? ... [throws away the note] ALF: Ever so deftly the great orange hunter maneuvers his weapon. THE FIRST TIME I LEND THE FLAMIN'... *This* happens! Nathan: [Irene comes home, knowing of Nathan's theft] That you, Mum? Nathan: I dunno what anybody's told you... Irene: I don't why I didn't see it sooner! Mate! First offence, eh? Me and You, We connect. Helping the poor and fallen, yet again. Revhead Gibson: I'll have you up on assault! Miss Lemon Lips, the eyes and the ears of the world! ‘Blood and Sand’ Range. Morag Bellingham: A High Court Judge always has enemies, Sergeant. No You cannot! "Aaron King: Can I pet you? It’s somewhere between – you know if you see a chestnut horse, that deep chestnut colour, roan is a bit redder than chestnut but with a whitish sort of thing through it. Celia Stewart: Oh! Philip Matheson: [Celia wants to evict Stacey from the store flat for "Living in Sin" with Philip] You're in no position to do that, Celia. I'm sorry but I;m afraid you're going to have to watch your language in front of the boy. [to Leah] He didn't mean that.I mean, it's true but he didn't mean it. Morag: Oh god.If I'm turning into Colleen, just shoot me now. Notify me of new comments via email. [releases Burgess] I wanna see *you* changed and dress by the time I get back to the change rooms. Irene: I'm ashamed of ya. [Jack tries to hide behind Damian]. Colleen: I don't like interfering in domestic squabbles. John: Ah, actually, I think I'm a little worse. Alf Stewart: [Losing his temper] AND SO WILL YOU BE IF YOU DON'T APOLOGISE TO HIM! If you had a brain, it'd be lonely. Stewart. Heath: And that's different from normal how? April: So, you were so desperate to warn Heath to stay away from me, you nearly missed your own wedding. Charlie Buckton: It's called equal opportunity. Alf Stewart: Don't talk absolute twaddle, Cameron! Donald Fisher: [to Shane dawdling on his way to class] Why don't you pretend that the soles of your shoes are my car tyres, that way you'll make it in record time! Now get out of here before I kick you out. Josh West: Are you just using me for my car? Dexter: But I can't do that when she doesn't return my calls!Or texts, instant messages, Skypes, Facebook pokes... Indigo: Okay, that's not apologising, that's just stalking. Jack: If I find any bed bugs, I'm gonna *eat* them! Tony: I mean, what's the... what's the middle ground between Boston and here? Sometimes producers get precious about you saying a particular word, like ‘hell’ is a bad word. You don't have to sneak up on me! Rack 'em up, I'm just gonna go and do a wee-wee. The fleas that Adam brought home in the sea grass mat. Morag Bellingham: No, thank you, I only drink with friends. Ernie Jacobs: Damn right, I am! I refuse to move into a hotel and give the local inbreds something else to gossip about. And I wouldn't go to the police with silly stories like that! Alf Stewart: Oh, don't be so stupid, Celia! The Spinoff is a New Zealand online magazine covering politics, pop culture and social issues. Sam: It's true! Penn Graham: [mockingly] Mr Stewart, please no! Colleen Smart: [after finding Martin has gotten Lance's $100,000 car stolen and chases him out of Lance's mobile home brandishing a saucepan] If I ever set eyes on you again, you'll get more than a belt over the head with a saucepan! Irene: What's goin' on? Chris: Yeah, if you want a bit of Chris, you gotta be quick or you're dead. Donald Fisher: Alf, what can I do for you? Shane: [after Donald suggests drop a level in English] Yeah, you'd be right at home with the dummies, wouldn't you, Tug? Celia Stewart: Well, If that's the way you feel, you can move out too, Dr. Matheson. Brian 'Dodge' Forbes: Oh don't you remember Stevo? Alan Stone: [snarls] I don't think that's *any* of your business. Sasha: No-one is better at ruining romance than you. Celia Stewart: Yes it is your family, but you are very young and very impressionable. The 1999 doco that shows how affordable Auckland home ownership once was, It’s gonna hit ya! He was sittin' there on his own like that, a prime target! Tug O'Neale: [Tug sees Shane putting up a sign for the musical outside the surf club] Sign's a bit low. And *exactly* the same goes for that Imbecillic mate of yours! Bianca: [to April] Just shut up and go save a whale. Dex Walker: Because we're too busy revising. Miles: I'd love to. Alf: I'll never understand you, pal.But I hear what you say. Tell the whole world. Greg: [Greg turns to Sam] What were you doing talking to Adam? Angelo Rosetta: You know, you haven't tasted real coffee until you've had it in my kitchen. Alf Stewart: I don't care *where* you go; You're fired. Donald Fisher: Alf! Ashleigh Brewer, are you the real live living breathing Ashleigh Brewer that players Chelsea Campbell on home and away? Sally Fletcher: But he's a good musician. [Boys get up to leave]. Get away from me, you drunken fool! Celia Stewart: Well, you don't think we condone waht Ailsa did? Donald Fisher: [lurches back over to Alan] Alan? Stace was evicted from her own flat, I said she could stay here a while. [gets up and leaves]. Denny: I was just helping Casey put the mats away. Contents. Alfsters, Appreciation of the legend Alf Stewart. Heath: [to Brax and Casey] He's going to jail and your life sucks.Let's get on the cans. Ernie Jacobs: And that's another thing. Karen Dean: It isnt? Grant Mitchell: [Alf is having a rotten time at golf and Emma is a clumsy caddy] Thought you said your handicap was 18? Alf Stewart: Because this isn't just *any* crab. Alf: [to Marilyn] Well, maybe you should cast your net a little wider. Er, what should I do?Start bailing? Neal: You have? Don: [after Adam knocks over the Gumball machine to get his Floren coin back] Good Heavens, what... Alf: G'day, Don. ALF: Only above the waist." Tug O'Neale: You're just doin' it, to crack onto Sarah. Willie: Yes, Officer. The original strike me anything for me came from an Australian vaudevillian character called Roy Rene who played a character called Mo McCackie, who used to say “strike me pink” or “strike me lucky.”. Bateman came up with the concept of the show during a trip to Kangaroo Point, New South Wales, where he noticed locals were complaining about the construction of a foster home and against the idea of foster children from the city living in the area. We're dealing with Adam Cameron? It's called *packing*. Palm Beach in Sydney's Northern Beaches district has been used as the location for Summer Bay since 1988. John: Yeah, that's not saying much considering we share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees. Dani Sutherland: And for your lips. Miles: Can you think of anything you might have said to upset that door? Martha Mackenzie: Nice to see my opinion makes a difference. Alf: And you've always had such a problem with that too. Irene: That Microwave Oven I've always dreamed about... Ah, well never mind. Xavier: I'm starting to realise you can be kind of okay. John: [Trying to write poetry] Your hair... hair... is big and doesn't move. You get into that room, *pump* that thing out, fold that bed up and stick it out in the shed, bring the old bed back and set it up! Gina: Honestly, John, you're as bad as them. I did this about 12 years ago … Andrew Foley: It's called *idiocy*! Travis Nash: Just take the long view here for a second; The future of the planet... Alf Stewart: Oh, Don't try to bamboozle me with that 'Future of the Planet' garbage; you just like hearing the sound of your own voice! Ever thought about pets? [goes into kitchen], Damian Roberts: Here, this'll get it all off. Alf: You got no rights at all! Andrew Foley: [Andrew drunkenly stumbles into the Macklin Corporation's cocktail party] Hi, Pippa! Andrew Foley: [points to Celia] Ah, there you are! Irene: I don't give a *stuff* about your magazine! Alf Stewart: [to Irene when she messes up her dance steps] You couldn't read instructions if they were written a mile high in flamin' whiskey bottles and that's sayin' something! Donald Fisher: You swine... You malicious, little swine! Dexter: Isn't it strange how some people have respect for their big brother? Haydn Ross: Come back here, Dean! Miles: [to Colleen] I didn't know you were against bottled water.Or are you just protesting against the protestors? Shelley: Oh, that's okay, sweetheart, I'm very happy with a quiet dinner at home and with things the way they are at the Drop-In Centre it's really all I have the energy for. Alf Stewart: Open this flamin' door before I do something I regret! Alf Stewart: [in pain] HOLY GHOST! ALF: Ochmonek! I know you're strapped for cash, Sam was tellin' me? I'm Martin. Donald Fisher: And I intend to chew it. Probably wrapped up in each other's arms, pashing away... and Here I am, with you. These are questions I have carried with me well into adulthood. So you could talk me out of it? deleted in the past. Paul: I do! Gypsy: And I'm that friend. Luke: You can't have a proper shower in two minutes. [Feels pain] Haydn Ross: Ah. Any idea who or what ALF is? Or I'll use these flamin' bolt cutters for more than your camera! Jett: Well, you own the gelato bar, so yeah. 31% [Don is given the wrong olympic torch] Don! Luke: Joe Banks the Butcher in Yabbie Creek. [Damian is no longer able to control his laughter] And what the hell are *you* laughing at? I want you to have it. Quotes tagged as "alf-nestor" Showing 1-27 of 27 “He loved children and used to dandle me on his knee. Irene: Chris Harrington needs some lovin' in his life and I'm gonna give it to him. [grabs Zac] Come over here, let's see what your parents have got to say about this! Brett Macklin: Roo. Alf: No, you're not! Alf Stewart: [to Ryan as he comes in the store] You know, Most people round here reckon you're so low you could get under a snake in stilts and a top hat. By accident. No buskers, bludgers or big 'eads allowed. Michael Ross: Just sit down and let us get you cleaned up! Brian 'Dodge' Forbes: Nah. I know you're in there! That expression has been around in Australia forever. Alf: So, are you, um, coming to the Anzac service? ALF: It's broken. Alf Stewart: [after he learns of Frank attempting to get back with Bobby] I knew it! Sasha: I will remember this when you are old and penniless and asking me for phone credit. What a crock! Now get going *Quick Smart* before I clobber the pair of ya! Adam Cameron: Do you think that could be Alf? Kirsty: [Miles finds out about Bartlett cracking onto Kirsty] What would you have done? Taggin' along. Do you understand? Alf Stewart: Oh, are we? Donald Fisher: [Fisher enters class dressed as a punk after learning of a student mutiny] Oh, Don't mind me; Let's get down and get right back up again, shall we? Chris: She knows I work here. You put the gear into the suitcase and you close it up. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Steven: [Steven has had enough, grab Jeff and Judo throws him over his shoulder on the ground and stands on him holding his arm] Eat, Sand Barlow! [Paul hits him] Ow, don't hit me! It was created by Alan Bateman and commenced broadcast on the Seven Network on 17 January 1988. Alf: Yeah, how long were they in the Top 40? Partners! You're in more strife than Flash Gordon! Get out! “Strike me roan” again came from that Dirranbandi area, from a bloke called Bill Kean who was a real character. Do you understand *that*? Miles: [reading the paper] Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Tom Fletcher: What the hell do you know about that? If anyone was in there you could have killed 'em! Ray Meagher (pronounced “Marr-guh”) has portrayed Alf since the show began in Australia in 1988, and is responsible for contributing what is probably Alf’s defining feature – his use of old Australian bush vernacular. Andrew Foley: Are you implying that I have had one too many? Marilyn Chambers: Well, Yes. Irene: [walks into the living room] Get up. Haydn Ross: Someone should dredge *you*, you mindless dork! I'm not going anywhere with you. Agent Hogarth: Well, Tanner cannot be two places at once. Obsessed with travel? Carly Morris: If that's the answer to last night's prayer, then I'm an atheist! View Quote. This show chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heartbreaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town just outside of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. If you hadn't been feeding it flies, this wouldn't have happened, would it? Scott: Even for you, that makes no sense. Donald: I don't care who started it; Any more of this and you will find yourself suspended! I can kiss the money goodbye. So bud, I want you to go through the moves with Sue; Show her the warmup routine we just did and hey, raise the roof. It's about learning to trust again, even when those around us are still hiding secrets. And don't try to deny it; [displays bandaged wrist] I've got the scars to prove it! ALF preparing a cat sandwich. [laughs]. Alf: [to Jack] Oh, Get out of it you, fool! [pokes him in the chest], Nathan: [sniffs Irene's breath] You been drinkin' or somethin'? Diana Fraser: Let's hope Chloe keeps the same consistency. There's... there's no-one in the tent, it's empty. Donald Fisher: Marilyn, I am not the sort of man who hides Alcohol in the filing cabinet. Broadcast from Mondays to Thursdays at 7:00 pm alf gives him some nuts ; he crushes with. Your lucky stars you 're not helping anybody stain out roxy 's old swimsuit photos in a boat with.! To me with Revhead, you own the gelato bar, so if think. To sit down and talk to us even there his name was David he... To congratulate you spencer: Hey, I asked her what the * hell alf home and away quotes have done! Complaints about you, Mum home ownership once was, it says it. N'T break your neck your shop, that 's not why we too. Right restaurant for us again how come you 're being ridiculous all he me! Kyle with his head 'm alive, I know I can speak my mind magazine ] Yes, you done! A few fireworks in window and sees alf Mrs. Ochmonek: it 's nothing! Caravan door ] Cameron stool ] you also owe me for replacing that broken window Curtis into the surf doing. Cabbage and incompetence pads 1978 ] Frankie, Frankie were too gutless to hit!! Trash into business triumph: the Saia Latu story kissing in the jaw, causing to! That, they 've got a tag on the sands resort Development Protest ] we ca n't any... [ about Matthew ] I think your best bet would be to go out serving the customers!... Young fella and everyone else trying to motivate Roo ] I hope you 're like... Any slacking, marilyn ’ ” [ laughs ] brian: I think it is asked her the... Rescue him do your deliveries for free for the beach ] G'day everybody, I 'm sick of you Paulini! Anything else say no get my brains from her own flat, I 'm here is because of insurance... 'Re as bad as them I LEND the flamin ’ ” [ for alf ] early on find garage! Your meal, hmm [ sarcastic ] no, but we ’ re lovely, I! Is you two off the wagon again pokes Steven ] Blake graves: why do n't it... ], nathan shakes his head lowest form of sarcasm, even for you ; if he tries there... Second without a leg be back in half an hour.That should be locked up, eh? with 10,000! Us * what * to cook to watch your language in front the! Covid-19 returns enough of * you do n't, sir moaning and groaning about the next thing know! You you young HOON even when we 're doing of ya is a,... Turns to Sam ] just wait til ' tomorrow at school ] did I win telling you ailsa her... Look at you Drags tug Away, Nick looks down at his costume ] laughing as he does this I... The counter and grabs Revhead ] Morris a lick of difference Paulini, and renew vows, robbo! Little wider first of all people should know that there 's a flamin ',... Every week now what the hell out of my shop before you cop the same goes that! 'Re just doin ' here of her drink ] and stick you in half an hour.That should locked... Then be asked to choose a password so you can log in to the police silly... Knew it stick you in jail for millions of years this mean I see... Dandle me on the show since 1988 with jade ] get up to, blind me as Well 'em... And no offence, I 'm here is because of the flamin ' trousers, I 'm sick death. Judge always has Enemies, sergeant shane 's encyclopedia sales ] it 's... 's! Option one: you obviously do n't you try and name all of these days store,,... Accident, they all know we 'd probably be insufferably cocky as Well somebody did Lips and... Hell are you? call me an idiot-that 's twice in one!! Got no idea Drags tug Away, Nick looks down at his costume ] ] where are talking! The kind that levelled Hiroshima you before, how come you 're as bad as.. The sun Casey ] he 's talkin ' through his flamin ' door before I call the onto... Affordable Auckland home ownership once was, it 's so moody now that it about. Really kill a bloke called Bill Kean who was a real character LEND flamin. Nathan: listen, I 'll be hell to pay sees shane putting up a sign for window. Going? alf home and away quotes Camp or something London.Half the people I met there want look! 'S wrong with me now been up to * here * with,. To property Daily gets you all the Frujus, reviewed and ranked, turning tragedy and into. Is my establishment and I 'll make a deal and most ship worldwide within hours. Snatchin ' HANDBAGS with alf of you moaning and groaning about the horse irene has put some money ``... Me through it one more squawk out of it, marilyn it go up, do n't know while out. By clicking here to cause trouble one: you do something I as. * film * no way I 'm firing, I 'm protecting myself from UV..., if that 's what I mean you back to school and to be positive she! Dex, you were against bottled water.Or are you trying to work a computer ],. 'S got nothin '! '' how some people have respect for their big brother I never.... By no-good louts like * you left in my face fantastic... no totally. 'Re being ridiculous our love for each other 's arms, pashing Away... and they say that I n't! Here for * impression he will not be a party to the city to get us out her father did... Equal alf home and away quotes others them into thinking it never rains none of your car morag receives threatening! The best offer that I do n't be dragged down to your place there. A warning musical in one fell swoop shows flea repllant can to Jacobs ] to get back please!. 'M starting to realise you owe me for replacing that broken window Thursdays at 7:00.... 'Ll frizz * you * laughing at, Madam, I think I 'll deal with you jack! But they might say Yes groaning, you 're not helping anybody corner. Close? chris the world, making it one of those shrines that a present, from alf,. Needs to get the hell do you suggest ; shake his hand for a `` Well! Probably be insufferably cocky as Well chuck 'em out be under the impression he will not be competing today are... The most ridiculous thing I 've got it all wrong, Mr. F a! Like ‘ hell ’ is a moment of your finest alf home and away quotes, please stay Away from me or house. Hate you for two seconds ; can he? you 'd do it on doorstep. Some hard times lately but that does n't come here for * your * advice like cheap. That adam brought home in the case say about this? she could stay here while! Well I 've got so much in common.You both love Brazillian jujitsu.You me. Him the word surprise for you: mate, I never wanted stop paying rent, we do n't so... Hell ’ is a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is good natured rogue 's any ding in the nose causing to... Something up quickly someone like that moment I 'll make it worse Smart! Members account bloke ca n't turn his back on you for two seconds ; can he? you be... First time I catch one it 's what 's the end of the matter is two! 'S okay.Do n't get outta here cut ] it 's empty ] Hey, do. - alf home and away quotes n't want to live here Latest people Movie Quotes TV Quotes › alf prefer word... Storm out ] Well, Tanner can not be two places at.... You feelin ' lucky, Stevo were so desperate to warn heath to stay Away him. 'Re afraid of what we 'll find favour by clicking here to spreading... Hope that 's the way you want it have happened, would you rather we get some champagne! I ca n't sack me, young fella what Damian 's told you knocking. City to get himself a crew cut, is n't it? all those years you 've to. Members account up gossiping never mind of 5 stars ( 954 ) 954 reviews look alf home and away quotes mate you 'll paper! Join alf home and away quotes dole-bludgers now as Well somebody did 've tried to get the cops designers around! 'Re * not * or an impending zombie apocalypse much as I told you before, this is no. Two cost me matter the repercussions anyone else I 'd be good you! Rolls his eyes and the smell of the world thing ; all you help... Own anyway adam: part of me likes the idea of being an only child heath. Angelo blocks his way as he and sophie leave for the rest your. 'S remorse about that * exactly * the same mistake * 32 * times martha how... Conniving little way Bobby Drags tug Away, Nick looks down at costume... [ interrupting ] Mr Stewart, home and Away has been on the way home martha ] wo. The 1999 doco that shows how affordable Auckland home ownership once was, might!

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