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April 9, 2018

cinders mod karla

- Fixed Dark Edge/Abyssal Edge lefthand cast not working correctly. - Removed the one-time crow trades. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. - Renamed Scrolls of the Augur to Heretic Ring. - Changed Sentinel class into Hunter class. - Actually increased the damage of Sacred Flame. - Transpose Midir soul, - Added miracle: Heavenly Thunder - summon shower of sunlight spears - Transpose Nameless King soul, - Added sorcery: Dreg Hail - fire hail of dregs - Treasure in Cathedral of the Deep. - Dream/Nightmare shop no longer sells the items without the boss kills when in NG+. - Restored Mournful Flames: transposed from Wolnir's soul. Log in sign up. - Changed Blood Infusion: reduces base damage by 5%. - Increased AI summons HP and absorptions. - Added Serpent-man, who can drop Dragon Scales [5%]. - Seek Guidance renamed to Heavenly Relief. - Reduced some of the more punishing absorptions on bosses (the max is now 50% reduced, rather than 75%). the lunar chronicles incorrect quotes linh cinder emperor kai scarlet benoit ze'ev kesley cress darnel captain thorne winter hayle-blackburn jacin clay iko levana blackburn submission lunar chronicles memes finally off my hiatus!!! - Slowed down the whip animations to 125% (from 150%) playback speed. But adds 0.25% HP drain with each stack. - Changed the poise balance on armor. - Demon Prince: Increases pyromancy spell FP cost by 100%. - Anri's Straight Sword chest now contains Beasthunter Saif, - Added Blood of Might: respawns all hostile NPCs - purchased from Ludleth, - Added Beastly Flesh: respawns most one-time enemies - purchased from Ludleth. - Band of Stone: Boosts physical defence by 100. - Changed Wretched Pendant: Kills increase max Stamina by 1%. Added Elkhorn Round Shield effect properly, Changed Brass Gauntlets effect to: applies magic aura to right-hand weapon, Changed Shadow Leggings effect to: obscures the wearer and muffles their footsteps, Changed Blindfold Mask effect to: boosts magical and dark sorceries by 25% but reduces maximum HP by 40%. - Removed stamina recovery reduction for heavy armors. List of full armor sets sorted from heaviest to lightest. - Increased the HP of summoned AI characters greatly. - Aldrich Faithful: Boosts Dark absorption by 10%. - Nightmare modifiers no longer boost resistances above 999 for bosses. - Tailbone Weapons now act like DS1 dragon weapons, were they have no scaling but offer greater initial base damage than normal weapons. - Decreased damage from arrows and bolts. - Black Knight Helm now appears in Awestone shop. - Shield reinforcement now increases stability more (10% -> 100%). - Twinkling Dragon Head Stone: Shoot fire breath, dealing 150 Fire damage, has 150% INT and 150% FTH scaling. - Added Inscribed Rune: increases Vigor by 5, - Added Scrolls of the Augur: increases Attunement by 5, - Added Banner of Tenacity: increases Endurance by 5, - Added Emblem of Vitality: increases Vitality by 5, - Added Pact of Chaos: increases Fire Attack by 10%. - Crown of the Great Lord: provides immunity to status effects and grants backflip animation. Sold by the Shrine Handmaid in Untended Graves. I've already copy pasted my current files now what? - Increased the scaling of Dragon weapons with scaling to account for inability to be infused. - Increased the enemy density in the gauntlet area. - Knight Slayer's Ring: enemies lose 10 when hit for 5 seconds. - Increased the soul reward from the NG+ soul items. Each drop one of the + rings once, and Primordial Titanite thereafter. - Ring of Wisdom +1 is now gated behind the Cinders of a Lord requirement properly. Top 10 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods That Make The Game 1,000% More Fun! - Removed the Tower on the Wall bonfire in High Wall of Lothric. Now closer to vanilla, with spells generally being ~10% or so more powerful than vanilla. - Demons now drop Fire Seed at Chance: 5%. - Estus Flask now restores HP and FP. - Adjusted the requirements on spell tools. Fixes issues with stuff like Farron Flashsword working incorrectly. - Added the Church of Sin bonfire, found in the church part of the Profaned Capital. - Whilst worn, random titanite will be dropped by enemies. Reduced Bleed inflict the Grave Warden chest gives. I wanted to ask about one bug: missing spells from Karla after a tome was offered. - Ancient Wyverns can now drop Dragon Scale x 2 [Chance: 100%]. - Changed NG+ correction values to make New Game+ cycles harder. - Black Witch Veil now grants 1 FP per second (was 0.25%). - Reduced the stamina regen for the ultra heavy armors to -10/-5. - Adjusted boss HP for the new area scaling. - Renamed Bursting Halo to Divine Upheavel. - Added Sunless Set to Darkmoon Faithful. - For Pyromancies, they ascend at 80 INT. - Increased the Wolf Knight Set physical ABS. - Added Rotten Talisman. - Adjusted weapon damage to bring damage profiles more in line with vanilla values. - Dark Stone now applies black fire effect. - Added 8 Giant Serpent-man to gauntlet area. - [Head] Effect: reduces enemy sight and hearing by 20%. - Reduced the spell buff of Holy Flame and Sorcerous Flame. - Mask of the Mother will no longer add HP when toggled on and off. - Magic IDs have been reordered, so you WILL lose spells if you continue an old savegame with this patch. - Charred Bone: Grants 25% boost to the power of Pyromancies but increases spell FP cost by 100%. - Darkeater Midir: Reduces absorption by 25%. - Increased the base scaling of Giant Door Shield. - Adjusted requirements for many weapons. - Added Profane Ascetic as a starting gift. A difficult survival mod pack set in a world burnt to ash. Sold by the Stone-humped Hag. - Fixed the Pontiff Knight Great Scythe not having the correct damage values for its elemental infusions. ], [Should make Hollow a more attractive option.]. - Added Londor Braille Divine Tome as treasure in Untended Graves. - Increased Stone Flesh (Havel's Greatshield) to 20 seconds, and fixed the damage level override to match Perseverance. - Changed Bluemoon Greatsword to Holy Moonlight Greatsword, acts like Moonlight Greatsword but scales Magic damage with Faith. - Adjust Fire and Dark infusions so INT and FTH scaling is more effective for Fire/Dark damage. - Twinkling Dragon Head Stone: Shoot fire breath, dealing 250 Fire damage, scaling up STR and DEX. The highest ABS is now lower, but there is more variance between the physical types, and the values are more properly curved to follow the weight of armor sets. - Deals 100/150/200 + 5% damage on proc. Grand Archives Key moved to a much easier to find location in Lothric Castle. - Soul of the Twin Princes: Increases Estus Recovery by 100% for 60 seconds. - Ring of Wisdom: Increases max FP by 5% and grants 1 FP per second. - Fixed event flag conflict causing the Forge options to appear early. So I've played through cinders a couple times, but for my next run I want to use a mod that uses data0.bdt, is there any way of doing this thank you … Press J to jump to the feed. Karla's Ashes. Redesigned spell. - Increased the damage of basic spells to account for defense reduction. - Sulyvahn's Beast can now drop Twinkling Titanite [Chance: 50%]. After defeating him, the object is disabled. - Whisper of Despair: reduces enemy absorption by 10% for 60 seconds. - Hostile NPCs (including vanilla) now drop their weapon/item and reinforcement materials. - Mimics now always drop 1 Awestone (whilst in Champion's Pact). - Added snek's changes to weapon movesets, allowing for more fluid attacks across various movesets. - Cursed Ring of Vengeance: Imbues weapon with Curse. Sunlight Spear is no longer a transfusion of the Soul of Cinder soul. - Added Band of Stone: Boosts physical defence by 50. - A few early Crystal Lizards now drop Twinkling Titanite rather than Titanite Scales. - Curse of Gluttony now forces slow movement. - Added Dragon Cultist Xeric: drops Staff of Serpents, - Added Corrupted Knight Lloyd: drops Four Knights Hammer. - Removed the Flask of Magic/Fire/Lightning/Abyss. - Reduced the radius of Firestorm type spells, making them appear closer to the player when used. - Dark: absorbs X HP on hit. Really would have thought I'd have found something by now. - Reduced Poison damage from Farron/Toxic swamp. - Changed the Champion's Pact into the Thieves' Pact. Spoiler Zowbaid wrote: So Im having trouble with the Hawkwood questline. - Added Rattling Finger, making you a spooky skeleton. - Enemies now have base 100 defence as per vanilla. - Notched Whip now uses Titanite for reinforcement. Skip navigation Sign in. - Removed additional starting warps except the Dreg Heap. - Fixed Soul of the Dark Sun giving endless souls. - Spell Tools no longer have inherent correction applied. - Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone: Summon giant hands, smashing the ground, dealing 600 Physical damage, has 100% STR scaling. The game has reached its conclusion, but you just want to play some more, but in a … - [Head] Effect: Boosts lightning damage by 5%. - Tweaked aspects of many spells to make them more unique between schools. - Added the Forge Equipment menu option to Andre. - Reduced stamina and poise damage of the Greatsword category. - Reduces absorption by 5% on proc. - Engraved Dagger: reduces FP cost of miracles by 10%. - Renamed Soul Barrage to Crystal Cascade. Meowmaritus for DSAnimStudio. The damage added by them has been boosted however. - Added Ring of Champions to Awestone shop. - Added the Accursed Ring, letting you use the Curse crystal look. - Pestilent Mist: now inflicts Curse rather than dealing damage. - Awestone is no longer a consumable item. - Pilgrim Dummy now has 100,000 HP and is affected by statuses. - Knight Slayer's Ring: Enemies lose 25 poise when hit for 15 seconds. - Restored the original calculation correction entries for weapons/spells. - Reinforcement material are now granted with limited stock with all the ashes, with the unlimited stock becoming available once the Lords of Cinder have been placed. Watch Queue Queue. Has a 60 second internal cooldown. - Kirkhammer now has Faith scaling for Physical. - HP Scale: {1:500, 25:1000, 50:2000, 75:3000, 99:4000}, - Cleric now starts with Heal Aid and Way of White Corona. - Changed Duelist to Gravetender (Dark sorcery focused). - Adjusted the hybrid spell tool weapons so they are more worthwhile. - Changed shield stability, the initial stability on shields is now. - Outcast now starts with Heretic's Staff and Deep Barb, Dark Touch and Nibble as spells. - Carthus Milkring now reduces ABS by 15% and grants less i-frames. - Grants 1 (+0) to 2 (+10) FP every second. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley: pickup in Water Reserve with 2 Sulyvahn's Beasts. - Demonsbane Ring: Increase damage against Demon enemies by 20%, - Crypt Ring: Increase damage against Undead enemies by 20%, - Blight Ring: Increase damage against Hollow enemies by 20%, - Hallowed Ring: Increase damage against Abyssal enemies by 20%. - Sold by the Shrine Handmaid if given Greirat's Ashes. - Slave Knight Gael: Reduces damage by 90% whilst below 50% HP. - Dark spell tools now grant Curse resist, to help Dark casters. - [Head] Effect: boosts physical damage by 5%. - Added Warrior's Round Shield to Andre's shop. - Giant Crystal Lizards in Untended Graves drop Titanite Scales with 50% drop rate. - Reinforcement materials from covenant shops are now gated like the materials at the bonfire shop. - [Body] Effect: boosts cast speed by 20. - Lightning Blade: Adds 40 Lightning damage. It is now limited to offensive magic and dark sorceries. ], - Twinkling Dragon Head Stone: Dragon Roar now deals 400 Fire damage, [The aim here is to make Vitality a more important stat, and to increase the viability of lighter armors.]. - Reduced Wolnir's Holy Sword DEX requirement to 10, - Reduced Havel's Ring equip load bonus to 30%. - Reduced stamina damage of the Scythe category. - Added Grand Archives Roof bonfire, found near to the Winged Knights on the rooftop. - Made some of the added enemies in High Wall CoC only. - Reduced the boost innate weapons get with matching infusions. Dark Souls III Cinders Mod Pursuer. - [Head] Effect: Boosts fire damage by 5%. - Tin Banishment Catalyst: now has Banish WA, applies rapport effect. - Fixed various oversights with class stat allocation. This means player summons/invaders now get FP regen, armor set effects, etc. - Added the Corvian Knight Helmet. - Received by using the 'Form Covenant' option with Greirat. - Greed: Grants 10% (+0) to 20% (+10) soul gain. - Greatwood Remannts: Increases physical defence by 75 but increases evasive stamina consumption by 50%. - Reduced the power of the Dancer's Grace/Ciaran's Dance WA. - Great Lightning Spear: shifted damage to the projectile from the melee part. - Spell Tools now provide different amounts of FP regen and the rate grows with reinforcement. - Reduced HP of Crystal Sage in the Grand Archives. - Old Pygmy Brooch: boosts defence by 100% and prevents staggering whilst at full health. - All bosses are susceptible to status effects, those that were immune before now just have a high resistance to said status effect. - Dark spell tools now cast non-dark magic at a lower (75%) effectivensss. - Added Cursed Pellets: Grant 4 FP per second for 60 seconds but also reduce HP by 8 per second for 60 seconds. - Golden Ritual Spear: can now cast all schools of magic. - Ancient Wyvern defeat will no longer teleport the player into the Dragon-kin Masoleum. - Ancient Dragon Halberd: grants 10 poise. Fixed miracle boosts not include physical damage, Fixed roll rings VFX overriding normal attack VFX. - Added Dark Ember: unlocks the latent power of Dark infused weapons. - The Ring of the Exalted +5 reward can now be achieved past NG+5. - Reduced the thrust absorption of enemies to give thrust weapons more of a niche. - Moved Arcane Trinket +0 to High Wall of Lothric Mimic. - Primordial Titanite drops from NG+ ring mobs is now less than 100% on the weaker mobs. - Lowered the stamina costs for the Aquamarine Dagger WA moves. - Increased Ashen Estus Flash FP recovery amount. - Rosaria no longer has a limit on reallocate stats or alter apperance actions. - Added Nullification Wavier, allowing you to cancel the Scorched Contract and end the negative effects. - Toned down the Curse inflict from enemies it was recently added to. - Fixed Heavy Fume Ultra Greatsword having the wrong stat requirements. - Fixed Giant Door Shield Lucky/Enchanted/Holy infusions have way too high scaling. - Fixed Vileblood Annalise not dropping her item. - Reduced Crystallization WA to 25% boost. - Added Band of Abyss treasure (and NG+ variant treasures). - Added Lothric Castle warp: commune with the estus soup in the area below the Farron Keep tower. - Covetous Silver Serpent Ring moved to Archdragon Peak. - Adjusted the damage output of the new NPCs. - Reverted the armor absorption values back to vanilla levels. - Greatwood Remnants: increases evasion costs by 25%, - Carthus Bloodring: increases evasion costs by 50%, - Carthus Milkring: reduces evasion costs by 10%, - Cursed Ring of Evasion: reduces evasion costs by 25%. Watch Queue Queue - Increased the weight of rings in general. - Reduced damage scaling for arrows when using Pharis Triple-shot. - Added new WA to Sorcerous Flame: Beckon Soul. - Spell damage rebalanced. - Moved Chaos Servant Eygor near to the entrance to the Old Demon King arena. - Adjusted the strength of bonuses on individual pieces. - Ring of Adversity: Grants 15 FP every 5 seconds but wearer loses 5% HP every 5 seconds. - Added the Dragonrider's Set. - Added Orbs of Judgment: spawn 6 orbs of judgment than seek foes like Aldrich's orbs do. See pages that link to and include this page. - Vordt: Reduces base Frost resist by 100%. Grants 3 HP every second. - Old Pygmy Brooch: Boosts weapon/shield stability by 5%. - Removed area scaling from the NPCs. Adjusted the soul value of enemies on the High Wall of Lothric to grant more souls. - Fixed VFX issue with the Fire/Chaos infusions. - Tarnished Silver Coin: Boosts soul gain by 30% until death. [The aim is to tone down the upper damage of spellcasting, which made bosses too trival.]. - FP now automatically regenerates at a rate of 2 FP per second. - Boosts dropped souls by 30% whilst active. - Replenishment: Heals 120 HP over 120 seconds. - Fixed Cleric's Candelstick using wrong Material Set ID. Find out what you can do. - The Pursuer now correctly appears in the Grand Archives. - The boss soul purchases have been removed, since you can now buy the items directly now. - Added Dominatrix Sharron: drops 3 Cinders. Exactly the same as the Talisman, but uses no model, allowing for 'hand' casted magic. - Added the Veiled Talisman. - Adjusted the NG+/CoC Enemies in Archdragon Peak. Click here to edit contents of this page. - Reduced HP drain from Wolnir's bracelet. - Improved the effectiveness of the Lucky infusion. - Removed the Cathedral of the Deep bonfire. - Added Scythe of Nahr Alma. No longer scales with Item Discovery. - Bleed aux from Luck is greatly increased. - Lothric's Scythe: restores 3 HP every second. - Reverted LodParam changes, they were likely the cause of the graphical issues reported. - Implemented a Scorched Contract challenge option. - Changed the Darkmoon weapons to deal Magic damage scaled by Faith. - Added the passive poise speffect to the player NPCs. Changed Abyssal Burst spell SFX and effect. - However, all infusions provide a utility in some form, such as a passive or on hit effect. - Heavenly Thunder: damage to 100 (per bullet). (and NG+ variants), - Added Band of Abyss: increases Dark attack. Added shield absorption growth from reinforcement, Heavy Soul Arrow is now Homing Soul Arrow, Great Heavy Soul Arrow is now Great Homing Soul Arrow. - Lycanthrope Hunters now inflict Poison. - Increased the effect of the embers to 25%. Purchased from the Shrine Handmaid. - Slowed the Heavy Soul Arrow cast animation. - Slowed the emitter rate for Recollection and Floating Choas down to 0.2 from 0.1. Soul of the Old Demon King now transfuses into Seething Chaos rather than Chaos Bed Vestiges, Soul of the Demon Prince now transfuses into Chaos Bed Vestiges rather than Seething Chaos, Karla now sells Dark Edge, Pursuing Soul, Great Pursuing Soul and Abyssal Burst, Braille Divine Tome of Carim now unlocks Way of White Corona, Deep Braille Divine Tome now unlocks Ravenous Gnawing. - Added Consumed King's Staff. - Added one-way warp point between Undead Settlement and Catacombs of Carthus. - Reduced the drop rate of materials from Way of White. - Changed every old Cinders added event flag to follow the FROM style within the maps. - Added the Crab Helmet. - Added many new treasures (both in corpse and chest form) throughout all the vanilla maps. - Flame/Crystal/Lightning/Dark Ember no longer apply a SFX to the weapon. - Added Crypt Blacksword. - Hostile NPCs now always drop 1 Awestone (whilst in Champion's Pact). - Giant Crystal Lizard in Untended Graves now drop Titanite Scale at Chance: 10%. - Deacons of the Deep: Killing enemies deals 1% HP damage to player. - Dark Blade now adjusts its buff with INT and FTH (not just FTH). - Inquistor Ashford now uses Crystal Hail rather than Crystal Cascade. - The old damage boost for cost increase rings, such as Dusk Crown Ring, are now FP cost reduction rings. For exact details, read the wiki and check the changelogs between versions. - Moved the Dragon Chaser's Ashes into the area unlocked after you beat the Nameless King. Enter your keywords . Heal spells now block spellcasting rather than add FP degen, Adjusted Way of White Corona damage hit lifetime, Heavily reduced the Crystal Sage's Rapier base magic damage. - Giant Crystal Lizards in Untended Graves now drop Awestones at 12% (whilst in Champion's Pact). - Weapons reinforced with Dragon Scales ('Dragon Weapons') are no longer infusable, but they have been strengthened to account for this. - Added Murky Finger, making you a murkman. This reduces their HP and damage. - Added red eye VFX to nightmare bosses that support it. Dropped by Serpent-men. Ludleth of Courland: Firelink Shrine: A dutiful Lord of Cinder, Ludleth will transpose Boss Souls into equipment for use. - Renamed Beastwood Ring to Beastial Band. - Increased the base damage of Unique (Twinkling Titanite) weapons by 25%. Stacks. - Added the Veiled Staff. - Changed the texture and model size of the Smelter Hammer. - Added Soldier's Nook bonfire to the area with the anvil. - Changed Gold Pine Resin location to Repair Powder, - Changed Firebomb location to Repair Powder, - Changed Mimic that dropped 1 Cinders to now drop Acolyte Ring, - Added Huntmaster Ava: drops Endless Quiver. - Fixed several weapons that had messed up backstab behavior. - Added +2 versions of many rings. - Effect: reduces enemy absorption by 50% whilst active. - Hidden Blessings now have a max held of 5. - Floating Chaos: added homing delay, increased poise damage to 5, - Recollection: added homing delay, increased poise damage to 5. - Dark Blade: adds 100 Dark damage. - Reduced FP regen from spell tools to 1% (from 2%). Instead I will add new, more distinct weapons (using existing models) to expand a ranged builds options. - All weapons now have the standard infusion types.

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