Responsive vs un-responsive website development

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March 12, 2018
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March 14, 2018

Responsive vs un-responsive website development

Responsive vs un-responsive website development

Responsive website development is the one that changes its appearance with the change in the browser or device; it is being viewed on. It means that when you open your website in mobile its layout is change as compared to when you open it in desktop browser. Responsive design is fluid and smooth as it adjusts to the device.  People now a days use their mobile devices more than the laptops.

Each mobile’s screen is of different size, making it essential for the website to be responsive.  Moreover, in the near future mobile traffic is believed to take over desktop traffic. If the website has mobile friendly layout, viewer will more likely to view and gain information of it.
Un-responsive is usually the static website that doesn’t changes its layout with change in screen size.

It results in poor readability and bad first impression to the viewer. Moreover, Google search engine has devised a new algorithm for engine optimization. This algorithm prefers responsive website over the non-responsive one as they are more user friendly. Developing responsive website also expands viewer’s number as everyone other person browses or search things online on their mobile devices.

Another alternative for responsive website is creating all together different website for mobile devices. This website is still static and non-responsive but it provides the same results as that of responsive website. For example, Youtube has differently designed website for mobile devices. One big disadvantage of this approach is extensive use of money and resources. But it depends on the type of business one is running.


Eventually, its your decision to make. Whether you go with the responsive designed website or unresponsive one. If your target audience is the one which prefers mobile browsing over desktop one then you should go with the responsive design. It is highly recommended to develop a responsive one as it fulfills all requirements and target every type of viewers.


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