What are the essential components of SEO?

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March 31, 2016
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April 24, 2016

What are the essential components of SEO?

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There are many components for effective search engine optimization, however two of these are the most major components for the effective working of search engine optimization. If these two major components are not being used correctly and accurately then you will not get a positive and effective response from your customers and also the optimization process may be failed and you may not get your desired accurate result. These two major components are Searching Key Words and Web Content.


Keywords is a major component in search engine optimization. If the correct key words are strategically used by the content developers and web developers to promote and develop a website and to optimize it then the web page will be thoroughly and effectively shown and displayed to the web page searchers. The right use of key words will display a huge collection of highly related web pages.

Web Content

Web content is the most major and important factor in effective search engine optimization, because this is what the web searcher is looking for, this is the information and content contained in the web pages. Accurate and effective web content in the web pages will cause the web page to be ranked and rated higher in all the search engines which is essential for effective search engine optimization. The web content should be fully search friendly and contain all the basic and major elements to fulfill the demand and requirements of the researcher in context with the information searched for.

To get effective search engine optimization you need to consider and use both these tools effectively and very religiously because these two components will give you accurate and perfect results for optimization and without the proper use of these two you will not attain maximum number of customers or audience for searching your webpage.

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